Edgar & Michelle Alday Malvern, PA

We have worked with Anthony Andersen and his “Rescore America” program for almost one-year. Our situation was in our eyes hopeless. Between two mortgages, and upside down vehicle loan, excessive tax obligations, student loan issues and charge off accounts, we thought that personal bankruptcy was our only hope. Now that several items were negotiated successfully, all of our obligations are current and we are now looking for the next step in the “Rescore America” credit builder program. Every phone call or email is returned, and we have learned the credit process throughout our experience. We were originally referred by our friends who went through a similar experience. Eventually with their re-established excellent credit they purchased their first home together. So we knew that this was a company that took their work serious, and was never satisfied with their performance for one main reason, that the work can always get better. That perfectionist attitude is what we enjoy the most.


Cheryl Dymond

When I signed with “Rescore America” I was dealing with several creditors going into a charge off status. There was immediately cease and desist letters sent out to stop the collection calls, then a comprehensive program was initiated by the company through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, along with a qualified written request on all unsecured debts. The program is great and it has been a learning process for me. I recently signed up for an extended program as negotiations are not coming in for as low as 20% of original principal. Excellent service, very knowledgeable since Anthony Andersen has been doing this line of work for 40 years. I will definitely refer this company to anyone.


Nancy LeBlanc – Boca Raton, FL

I was referred to “Rescore America” one year ago. My personal experience has been one of professionalism and expertise. Due to a series of hardships one after another, I found myself in a financial quagmire that I never imagined myself to be in. My phone would ring 7 days a week starting from 8:00 in the morning and continued just before 9:00 at night. I dreaded hearing my phone ring. I tried talking to the collection agencies but never got anywhere. Thanks to “Rescore America” the collection calls stopped. I now have a professional representing me with the knowledge, experience and expertise that I needed to repair my credit and get my financial life back on track again. I give “Rescore America” 5 stars. If you want to get your financial life back in control again with a company you can trust and depend on, “Rescore America” is where you want to turn to.


Dale Norgren – Fergus Falls, MN

Anthony Andersen and his “Rescore America” program, along with his exceptional negotiation skills saved my farm that has been in my family for nearly 100 years. He took on a national bank head to head, and in the process saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. It took one-year to accomplish this, but nonetheless, he came along in a time when the workout with a local bank appeared hopeless.


Waseem Shahzad/Raheela Waseem Albany, NY

We hired Anthony Andersen and his ‘Rescore America” program about a year ago. We received great service and the right advice on every occasion we talked, and we were referred by a friend. We will refer the great services of “Rescore America” for years to come.


Joy Langford – Los Angeles, CA

My experience with ReScore America® has been one of total professionalism. There is always a person to person communication, calls are always answered or returned, and long after my contract ended they are still working on my files without additional charges. There is always an explanation as to how the process on my credit repair works, how they apply various federal agencies to help me in my quest for perfect credit such as the utilization of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Without question a first class operation that takes their work and services to the public seriously.


Lorraine Pagano – Pocono Summit, PA

When I first was referred to ReScore America® I was making monthly payments to a debt consolidation company.  My credit was destroyed as even though I was making large monthly payments, after review of my file with a ReScore America® representative I was informed that not only was the debt aged to the point that it was not legally enforceable, but that the credit items were past legal timelines to remain on credit.  This alone saved me $40,000.00 in debt and monthly payments, and eventually all of the combined accounts were deleted from my credit reports.  Everything was explained in detail as to what was going to happen after hiring this credit repair operation, and there was always a personal touch in working with my ReScore America® representative.  I am still working with the forensics division of ReScore America® on another financial matter, and their service is excellent and spot on including their work with multiple federal agencies that are there to protect my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Five Stars *****!